Friday, June 7, 2013


Lately (in the past couple of days), I have...

  • chosen my flight to MILAN, ITALY!
  • set up my packing and shipping date to send my things to Milan!
  • received my teaching schedule for next year in Milan!
  • packed up and mailed my art pieces from SE Asia... on their way to Milan!
Can you tell that I'm excited?!

With that... I'll really miss Ho Chi Minh City... and Vietnam as a whole.

My purchases today tell a lot about my day (awesome... and productive...)

Today I have paid for:
  • a latte  : )
  • a tip at the Yamaha shop... for the last check-up on my Cuxi! (Cuxi has been sold!)
  • a tip to the amazing custom box maker/packer at the post office
  • a double chocolate cupcake for a dollar fifty
  • a rain poncho for a dollar (this became a last-minute necessity while out)
After a rainy ride from the post office to my apartment on the back of a xe om's bike... I found the monsoon of a storm had made it's way INTO my apartment and onto my couch. D'Oh! ...Mr. Nhan to the rescue! All should be fine and dry soon enough.

Also... I'm down to my last peppermint patty in the refrigerator... meaning that it really is time to head home!!

My good friend (since we were 6 years old!), Tracy Bisha, flies to HCMC in just over a week. I'm stoked!! We'll have 10 days together in Vietnam before we'll both head back to the States. Can't wait.  : )  Here's a blast from the past of the two of us when we were cute (HA!)


  1. I'm out of sandwich sized ziploc bags :/ definitely time for a trip home ;)

  2. 6 years old??? ....Hmmmm ....we look even younger, actually :)