Monday, June 17, 2013

Tracy's in Nam... day 1... continued

After the flower market and a visit to school... we got to sport the double-headed poncho, as it was beginning to rain! Very stylin'.

It took 3 people at the petrol station to take this photo... 
...and we were ALL laughing pretty hard!

Lunch at the Refinery was delicious and it was nice to sit down and chill for a while... then came back to the apartment for a little rest.

...Up again soon after to enjoy a head massage and hair wash in my neighborhood... mmmmmm, so good.

Tracy was a great sport in trying pho... even using chopsticks the entire time! ...But decided that she'd rather have something else for dinner... so we went by L'Usine for a lovely sandwich.

By then... we were both feeling pretty spent but in a good way... came home, showered, and she's fast asleep. Bed for me now too.   : )

It's GREAT to have a good friend in town to share the end of my time in Vietnam with. She has such a good attitude and is up for anything! It's fun to show her the city and all that I love about this place. ...Excited about tomorrow and to head to Hoi An!

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