Wednesday, June 5, 2013

popcorn, haha

Funniest moment of my day so far: making 3 grown men run to the other side of the room when they thought the microwave was going to explode!

I made microwave popcorn for a late lunch at school today... there were 2 guards and a maintenance guy in the faculty room. I put the bag in... and once the kernels started popping, the 3 guys jumped! --> looked at the microwave in alarm --> and ran to the other corner of the room! Hahaha.

As I stood calming beside the popping microwave, I tried explaining to them that things were fine. I was saying, "Pop! Pop! Pop! ...Popcorn!"

They seemed hesitant... kept their distance... but laughed and did stay in the room.

Once the popcorn was done, I took the bag out... shook it... and then put some into cups for them to try. Hahaha. I think they liked it! I think more than that... they think I'm crazy.

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