Friday, August 3, 2012

drive from Sanur to Ubud

I left Sanur around noon and took a taxi up to Ubud...

Here's a short video of part of the drive:

Ubud is known to be the cultural center of Bali. It is inland... north of the other areas I was in... and I spent the bulk of my week here (3 nights, 4 days).

...Remember the book-made-to-movie, Eat Pray Love? WELL... a 3rd of the story takes place in Ubud. Which is too bad in my opinion... as it's very crowded with tourists now... mostly single women! HA! I couldn't make myself read past the 2nd chapter of the book and have not seen the movie... but apparently women want to go to Ubud to find love again...

Well, that wasn't the purpose of my visit to Ubud, nor did I fall in love with a guy... BUT I did fall in love with Ubud... and Bali as a whole.  :)

I was also there during their peak season for tourists, which could be why it seemed so crowded with tourists. Next time I get to Bali (I love being able to write that I plan to get back!)... I plan to go to Ubud again, but also to more remote areas of the island.

Anyway - the ride from Sanur to Ubud was nice... there are 3 small towns on the way that you drive through and each focuses on a different craft... silver jewelry, stone carvings, and paintings.

There are also amazing doorways along the side of the road throughout the entire drive! Ha, I know that sounds silly, but really... there are steps leading up to beautifully intricate doorways... which are just a doorway... then you usually walk along a sidewalk to the actual house. It is traditional in Bali and all of the homes and shops have steps up (something about keeping bad ghosts out I think...).

The photos below were taken from the taxi as we sped along... :P

Area with the carvings...

I never knew about the fabulous architecture in Bali! That was a great surprise part of my trip that I enjoyed.

Shop with silver jewelry, which the taxi driver stopped at (I think he'd get commission if I had bought something... sorry, guy!)


Lenny, you'd be the coolest guy on South Penn if you built one of these out front! Hahaha

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