Thursday, August 30, 2012

learn Vietnamese... cafe style

Want to learn some Vietnamese?

There was a cafe in Hoi An that had a blackboard with some common phrases on it.

I took the photo below so that I could refer back to the last saying... it's still currently my latest endeavor with my Vietnamese skills... chuc mot ngay tot lanh!

As I type this... I practiced my new phrase with my assistant, Winny. She DID understand what I was attempting to say... which is better than usual! ...But she said that I almost had it...

Come to find out... the way I was practicing and saying ngay is a 'bad word'... she taught me to only lift the back of my tongue, not the tip (they speak more with their throat and I'm not used to that)... apparently that was the piece I needed to hear! Because the way I just said it (with a funny face as I concentrated my way through it...) she said, "Exactly!" Whoop! Whoop!

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