Friday, August 17, 2012

Hue - PM sightseeing

My mom and I took a trip halfway up Vietnam... to Hue.

Hue has been the capital of Vietnam and is where the king lived... the "imperial city".

We arrived in the evening... had dinner... and then hopped into a cyclo together to go sightseeing...

Well... nighttime sightseeing is... interesting -- HA!

Cyclos awaiting passengers...

Nighttime sightseeing  :D

The Citadel!  (See it?!)

A beautiful part of our cyclo ride was over this bridge that had lights changing colors...

Two thumbs up for my first cyclo ride!

I should add... that we went night sightseeing because we were only in Hue for the evening. The next morning - we were off for Hoi An! I wanted to fly into Hue mostly so we could take the train ride down the coast to Hoi An... my favorite spot in Vietnam so far.   :)

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