Monday, August 27, 2012

Hoi An's night market... and lanterns!

I just love, love the colorful lanterns that are made in Hoi An!

I definitely stocked up on some more while here with Mom  :)

As we walked up to the lantern stall of the woman I went to last time (when in Hoi An with my friend, Elizabeth)... the lady working at the stall remembered me! Right away she walked out to me and said, "My friend!"  (Maybe that just goes to show how many lanterns I bought last time...)   :P

Evening view across the river to one of the most photographed stretches of Hoi An along the river...

Putting floating candles into the river...
(I tell myself that they fish out these candles to reuse... instead of leaving in the water with the Styrofoam holder...)

Lanterns hang all over the town... so pretty at night!

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