Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puri Mesari Hotel - Sanur, Bali

From Legian, I took a taxi to Sanur... on the other side of the island (still in the south). The ride probably took about 30 minutes or so but only cost $7.00 !! Awesome.

I've read that Sanur has the nickname "Snore" because it is quieter than the rest of the island, some view it as boring, and it has an older crowd than other areas. (All of which made me want to stay there for a night! Ha)

The hotel I stayed at in Sanur was beautiful... but I am glad that I stayed just the one night, as there did not seem much to do in the area. I was happy enough to just relax by the pool with my Kindle and read.  :)

Below is a video that I took of my room... and the 'outdoor' bathroom... it was such a surprise the first time I opened the door to the bathroom and found that it lead right outside!

There were beautiful flowers all over the room (on the pillows and in the bathroom towels, like seen below)... so pretty! They are frangipani (or plumeria) flowers.

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