Thursday, August 30, 2012


I know I've just finished posting about my time with Mom in Vietnam... and our travels...

...and the rest of this post is telling you about where I'm traveling next! ...But truly, I've been back at work for the past 4 weeks - truly!  :P

Vietnam's Independence Day is September 2nd... this is when Vietnam declared its independence from Japan and France in 1945. ...It's an important national holiday here... so we have Monday off from school!

While back in the States this summer, I booked myself a flight to Phu Quoc Island for this 3-day weekend. I'm really excited, as I've heard great things about Phu Quoc and it's been on my list of places to get to.

Phu Quoc is a small island off the southern coast of Cambodia (only 12k off the coast!)... but is a part of Vietnam. Click here to read the Wikitravel article on Phu Quoc.

This island is quickly becoming a very popular vacation destination... I'm glad I am here now to be able to visit instead of when it turns into a tourist-run island like Phuket in Thailand. Some of the most gorgeous beaches in Vietnam are on Phu Quoc Island... it is also mountainous and very forested.

I'm looking at this long weekend as a time to relax, read, explore a bit, and eat as much fabulously fresh seafood as I can! ...Phu Quoc is supposed to have the best seafood in Vietnam... and the best fish sauce in the world! ...I'm not loving the idea of the fish sauce... as I can't stand the smell! BUT... I also read that there are a few pepper farms on the island -- and THAT I plan to check out.  :)

The Google Maps below show where Phu Quoc (yellow) is in relation to Ho Chi Minh City (green).

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