Monday, August 6, 2012

new friend in Ubud :) and the KAFE


I met Anne after my first night in Ubud... she stayed at the same place I did and we had breakfast with one another.. and then decided to go out to the rice paddy terraces together.

She's lovely.  :)  ...Little did I know that first morning that we would spend the next 3 days together! She is from Australia but currently lives in Bangkok... and is on vacation in Ubud for a month! Awesome.  :)

I knew we'd be good friends the first morning when she said, "I must get a latte before we head out to the terraces." HA! YES!

We went to Kafe and really liked it. I had gone the evening before for dinner as well. ...Cute place with great food and drinks.

I treated myself to a vanilla creme brulee at Kafe my first night in Ubud :D made me think of my Dad and how much he loves this dessert!

Disappointingly, however, I was not able to finish it! ...Oh how I wish I had these last few bites right now.  :P  Haha.

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