Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kimmy - tailor in Hoi An

One thing that I knew I wanted to while in Hoi An was to have a white/creme jacket made.

Last time I was in Hoi An I had a few jackets made (yes... a few, hehe)... and they were nice but this time I figured it would be worth spending the extra 10 dollars or so to go to Kimmy... the premier tailor in Hoi An. My mom ended up having a beautiful black wool jacket made too! When we first walked in, we were greeted and sat at a table... and each given a lap top to peruse through pictures of all different kinds of clothing and outerwear!

I went back for a couple fittings over the next day and a half... my jacket was made and completed in less than 48 hours! I really love how my white jacket turned out   :D   ...and can't wait to be able to wear it! (I sent it home with my mom, since the weather in Ho Chi Minh doesn't really ever require a heavy jacket... so alas, it's probably hanging in a closet in my parents' house for now.)

Here's Kimmy (on the corner of Hai Ba Trung and Tran Hung Dao in Hoi An)... I definitely recommend it and will be going here again if/when I'm back in Hoi An!...

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