Monday, May 20, 2013

Agnes Cafe and latest lattes

I read about a new cafe in District 2 in a magazine... and then Michelle and I drove past it on our way to Mekong Merchant one morning a couple weeks ago. ...I think this is Michelle's favorite cafe now!

Agnes Cafe is brand new and nicely decorated. There are two comfy couches you can sit on, it's nicely lit for reading, AND they use coffee from DaLat, Vietnam. The article on Agnes Cafe also said that their burritos are really good... so far I've only had lattes from them (de-lish) and their fruit-and-yogurt parfait, which is great.

Agnes Cafe...

Beautiful AND delicious!  : )

Paris Baguette (my usual weekend coffee spot with Jen) has gotten creative with our lattes lately.
It's pretty cute when we go up to the counter to get the latte and the girls are excited to show us their creation.

Ying-yang latte! ...or... Black and white latte (like the cookie!)

Look to the latte! 

Just for fun... 

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