Saturday, May 11, 2013

AquaFit Vietnam

This morning I went with Michelle and Sarah to an AquaFit class in District 2.

Basically... it is an hour workout on an exercise bike IN a pool.

Your first class is free... and it was really fun to try! I think we'll go again. today being our first time, we got the hang of the basics... and next time we figure we can push harder and get more of an actual workout. Mostly today, it was just fun and something new... and the instructor was a gorgeous Frenchman, which didn't hurt either!

The lady running AquaFit, Caroline, is really nice and you can book ahead with her through email or text.

And of course a jumping shot at the end of the hour...


  1. Hello Stacia, I like the jumping shot. My wife was at the aquabike class this morning (8-9am), she loves it!

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  3. Awesome David! Yes... the 3 of us enjoyed our first time and plan on doing it again. Something new, relaxing, and fun. : )