Wednesday, May 8, 2013

need a dentist in HCMC?

I went to the dentist today... just for a basic cleaning.

Whew! It turned out way better than I had hoped.

If you ever need a dentist in Ho Chi Minh City... I recommend O'Care Dental Clinic at 346-348 Vo Van Tan, District 3. ...Dr. Huong especially. He was great... very nice and very gentle.

This is only the 3rd dentist I have ever been to since going to my childhood dentist for over 20 years. I left in pain and tears from a dentist in Denver a couple years ago... and last year's cleaning in HCMC (a place in Phu My Hung, District 7) was fine... nothing great... and about $60.

Today's cleaning was only $15. The clinic was clean... and other than having to take my shoes off and put on some groddy sandals that they supply... the experience was great.

Clean and shiny teeth on this girl!  : P

I remember at my dentist's office in Pittsford, New York growing up, I got to press a button on my way out after each visit if I didn't have a cavity. (And knock-on-wood, I've never had a cavity!)... Pressing the button would make a big board of light bulbs light up in the waiting room above the door and a siren or something would go off.

Now, I imagine the board to say something along the lines of: LOOK MA, NO CAVITIES! Haha... I doubt that's it... but that's how I picture it. ...I wish I really DID have a picture of it to post right here -->  ...

My childhood dentist also had Pacman in the waiting room... with a tooth chair to sit on while playing, a massively impressive fish tank, and I always got to choose a little toy or a pack of Trident gum before leaving. Yeeeahhhh Dr. Rosen!


  1. Dental work in Southeast Asian countries really tend to be cheaper. And they do such a good job at it, too! I remember one of my friends saying he’ll get a dental when he takes his vacation to Singapore (was that Thailand... can’t remember right now). He was only going for the routine check up, but decided to get the whole works when he saw how low the prices were. He would not stop smiling when he got back. Heh.

    Weston Wadlington

  2. It tends to be cheaper in other countries, and they do an outstanding job at it. I had a friend that went as far as the Philippines to get dental done and some R & R while he was at it. The dentures looked amazing and quite sturdy when he showed it to us. Of course, safety is a concern, as you’d probably stick out like a sore thumb in the local populace. If you really must carry your valuables, best do so in a small backpack or a small belt pouch and avoid taking them out in public areas. Stay safe!

    Kent @ Dentures Done Right

  3. That was quite a deal you got there! It's rare to find a dentist who takes the effort to be gentle for only $15. But your childhood dentist sounds fun! Visits to the dentist would've been a more enjoyable experience if they took the time to give the little ones something that will distract them from the procedure.