Friday, May 10, 2013

PechaKucha Night Vol. 3... next Thursday!

If you will be in Ho Chi Minh City next Thursday, 16 May 2013, then below is your plan for the evening! -->

A free event filled with creativity, sharing, inspiration... and great company.

PechaKucha Night is back in HCMC for Volume 3  : )

Thursday, 16 May
from 7:00pm

Volume 3 is taking place at a new location:
Cafe Goc Pho
48 Hoa Hong, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District

PechaKucha, meaning chitchat in Japanese, is a presentation guideline based on the format: 20 images by 20 seconds. Two architects in Tokyo created the PechaKucha format in 2003 as a way for designers and creative minds to meet, show their work and ideas, and share with one another at a social venue. Since starting in 2003, PechaKucha Nights are now held in over 630 cities around the world.

Below are some screenshots of the magazines/webpages in Saigon advertising the event:

[in the print copy of The Word magazine this month]

[on the anyarena website]

[in the print copy of the AsiaLife magazine this month]

[in the print copy of this month's edition of Saigon's new magazine: O'i]

[in the "What's On" section of The Word online]

I am the organizer for PechaKucha in HCMC... and I keep meaning to post about each event but have yet to do so. I'm proud of having PechaKucha be a part of my 2nd year in Vietnam and for having brought this great event here for the first time. I hope that PKN remains in Saigon long after I leave next month.

Being the last PKN that I will host in Saigon, I'm trying out a new location... hosting Volume 3 in a local cafe right in my neighborhood! I'm very much looking forward to the evening.

AND a special thank you to Kevin and Michelle, friends and co-workers of mine that plan to take over as organizers for PKN in the future.  : )

I'm really happy with how the past two events have gone... both huge successes in my mind. There is a fit for PechaKucha in HCMC... creating a social event, which brings creative minds together for an evening of sharing, inspiration, and hanging out. I've met some great people through these events!

So... here's to next Thursday eve! I hope to see you there.   : )

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