Sunday, May 19, 2013

PechaKucha HCMC Vol. 3

Last Thursday evening was the 3rd volume of PechaKucha in HCMC. I am excited to have been the organizer of PK in Ho Chi Minh City and start this great event here. I hope that it continues!

Even through the pouring rain at arrival time, almost 70 people still made their way to Goc Pho Cafe in my neighborhood to enjoy the event. I really enjoyed the presentations (and even threw myself in as a presenter after a couple last-minute cancellations).

Below are some photos that friends have sent so far...

Michelle and Kevin (co-workers of mine at AIS) helped me with Volume 3...
...and will hopefully be taking over as the PK organizers in HCMC   : )

Donna was kind enough to photograph the evening!

Kevin was first up to present... and talked about why he climbs mountains...

Lindsay, an artist and teacher, talked about thinking outside the box.
(Which came first? --> the thought or the box?!)

Rachael talked about Fashion4Freedom and 
the gorgeous shoes that incorporate Vietnamese tradition...

Nikki is an analogue photographer...

I liked having the presentations show simultaneously on the 3 televisions!

Dan and his wife own the cafe... they were great with helping us make everything work well!

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