Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I want a CAT!

The only pet I've ever really owned as my own is a fish.

Yet I have always lived with a dog... until moving to Vietnam.

Living here is also the first time I've ever lived by myself.

SO... I think it's pretty good that I've made it almost two years without craving a pet too badly.

But lately, I've really been wanting a pet.

I know I cannot give a dog enough attention at this point... with work, travels, and all...

So then I began thinking about a cat.

Hmmmm. Cats are cool. Some have really great personalities. I wouldn't mind having a cat around my cosy apartment...

Uhhhhhh, I have ASTHMA. I've had asthma since I was in 1st grade... and cats are one of the WORST things to trigger that.

Pretty ridiculous that I started really thinking of getting a cat. ...Not at this point... since I leave Vietnam in a month... but maybe once I get to Italy. ...Being very rational, right?!

I researched types of cats that are usually ok for people with allergies.

...Still definitely not a good idea.

So... then some of my friends here talked me into getting a rabbit instead!

...I began researching what it means to be a pet parent to a rabbit.

I'm not sure I'm up for having any pet yet. Someday. And maybe I WILL get a rabbit in Italy... hopefully one that meets me at the door when I come home and cuddles with me and my Kindle.

For now though... I need to be real... no pets for this girl. Yet.

My brother's dog, Koura, in Denver... and my parents' dog, Roxanne, in New York... will have to do while I'm home this summer.


OH! Hahahaha... the point of this post was supposed to be about the weird gecko that IS my pet though. I almost forgot... I got so carried away thinking of a cat... a rabbit... a giant flemmish rabbit?!?! Haha.

Here are a few recent photos of my apartment pet in Ho Chi Minh City:

There might even be more than one... not sure.

But he's definitely a weirdo... remember when I woke up to the sound of bowls clanking together and found him with RUBBERBANDS in his mouth?! Haha... weirdo.

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  1. I have a cat :) Sweet Penelope. You can meet her when you come to Budapest and see if living with a cat is feasible. :)