Friday, September 28, 2012

bambo bikes for my birthday!

Backtracking a bit here...

My birthday was on August 18th... and it was great. I celebrated the start to another year in my life... as well as another year in Vietnam ...with good friends and fun activities!

Elizabeth, Donna, and I rented bamboo bicycles from Mekong Creations and cruised around the Phu My Hung area for a while... stopping at Boomerang for lunch.

E was truly stylin' with the conical hat over the helmet!
And Donna sported her GoPro camera to get footage of the ride.

Everyone as the shop was pretty stoked that we wanted to rent the bicycles!
(The rental was free! ...We just needed to leave our passports with them.
I'm still not sure if that's how it always is or if it was a special day... I think it was a promotion that we happened to hit at the right time.)

The bamboo bicycles were pretty awesome! If it were more affordable to ship something like a bicycle from here back to the States... I'd totally send one to my brother, Lenny, in Denver  :)

A Skype call with my parents and grandma rounded out a GREAT birthday!

I love this photo above! 
Usually my dad Skypes with me upside down.
Well... usually it's my mom and I Skyping... 
and my dad makes an upside down entrance!  :P

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  1. It looks like it was a GREAT birthday! The picture or the "Skypers" is a little scary, but I'm glad you liked it!!!