Tuesday, September 18, 2012

VinGallery's Grand Opening

Kat and I ventured out into the rainy night last Saturday -- to attend the Grand Opening event at VinGallery -- Jen's new workplace!

We first went to Mekong Merchant in An Phu, District 2 for dinner... amazing food, charming setting, and the perfect way to relax after a traffic-filled, WET scooter adventure from our neighborhood, over the big bridge to District 2. (It DID give me another quality occasion to use the fancy double-headed poncho!)

VinGallery was great. Great space... it offers awesome classes... and the exhibit spaces contained a great mix and variety of paintings. I fell in love with a couple! ...One is shown in the photo below... the gray painting on the far right with colors coming through and women in ao dais wearing conical hats...

Below, Kat takes a closer look at two amazing portraits.

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