Wednesday, September 26, 2012

comforts of food and drink

Last year I liked Saigon well enough... and knew that I could be happy here for my two-year contract. (The amazing travel opportunities help!)

This year... I feel as if I'm already trying to soak up what time I have left (even though it's almost a year!)... and I have grown to really adore this city in many ways.

ONE way that I adore this city... is its amazing food, drink, and cafes! (Well... maybe that's more than one way... but I really do love them.)

Below are some photos that I've collected since being back in Vietnam after an amazing summer break... I found myself wanting to take photos of various food and drinks because they're pretty and/or delicious... so now I've compiled them and am sharing them here (...also, because I think it's funny how drink-heavy the photos are... I love the lattes and juices here!)

Au Parc dips  :)

Liquid heavy a bit?

Mmmm a new favorite tea company of mine... from India

Chai! (I brought the Tazo chai from home... packed two boxes and they felt like some of the most precious things that made the journey back with me. I'm sad to type that I'm already 1/2-way through the 2nd --and last-- box!)

I found a recipe for a pumpkin smoothie -- it was delicious!

Aaaand a new favorite of mine... a hot lime juice... (with a sushi lunch)

chanh nĂ³ng

I made my own at home too  :)

I was pretty stoked to find these in an expat grocery shop one day.

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