Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, District 10

From pottery, I went to L'Usine for lunch with a book, and then went into school for a couple hours. I like working on the computer when it's quiet... I just turn some music on and enjoy the time... and getting things done. From there - I decided to take a cruise to one of my favorite places in the city (...and my camera likes it too!). --> The Ho Thi Ky Flower Market in District 10.

I believe this is one of the biggest flower markets in the city. The busiest time is at 4am... when flowers are delivered! My Uncle Bob and I were taken here as part of the Vespa Tour we did when he was here visiting... since then, I love buying my flowers here... great selection and great prices!

I bought these three lotus flowers... and a bunch of orchids. 
The whopping total?? ...44,000dong (about $2.00).   :D

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