Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vietnamese lottery ticket!

I pass the guy below often... and think he's pretty awesome. 
He sells daily lottery tickets from his cart in pajamas every morning!
I bought a lottery ticket from him for 10,000d (about 50 cents)... so that I could then ask to take his picture, of which he obliged.  :)

My buying this Disney lottery ticket caused a bit of a crowd around the man's cart! Ha! 
Now that I had a lottery ticket, had to try and figure out what to do with it...

There's a lottery shop on Phan Xich Long... the main street in my neighborhood (shown below). I went there... realized that the date on the sign outside was for winning tickets the day before... and the date on my ticket was for the next day... so I went back the next day...

Well... sorry to disappoint you all by telling you that my ticket was NOT a winner. 
...But it was fun to figure out how to play the Vietnamese lottery!

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