Saturday, September 8, 2012

great friends, great getaway - Phu Quoc

I had booked the weekend for myself and THEN found that my friends, Jen and Nick (from England), had ALSO booked a trip to Phu Quoc for the weekend AND were staying at Mango Bay as well!

Jen and Nick first went to Mango Bay for their honeymoon... have been back 5 times now... and are well-known and well-loved by the staff :)

My good friend, Kat (from Sweden), surprised me at our weekly pho date that she was interested in booking a flight to Phu Quoc for the weekend as well - so her and I ended up sharing the room I had booked and the 4 of us ended up having a really fabulous time together!

(This was taken at breakfast on Sunday... it was rainy and stormy... but we took the time to enjoy an extra long breakfast... read... and then things cleared up for a swim!)

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