Saturday, September 29, 2012

food in Bali (YUM!!!)

[How did I miss posting this from my Bali trip last July??? ...Coming to you now!]

The food in Bali was awesome.

I enjoyed the local dishes and treats... as well as some really faboulous Western style dishes. Great cafes and restaurants to be found on the island!

Fresh fruit plate with my breakfast in Sanur :)

I went to a local streetside restaurant in Sanur and the waitress recommended the 
cap-cay to me when I asked for vegetarian-something.
Cap-cay is a vegetable soup with rice and a very flavorful broth.

Morning latte with heart biscuit and fresh watermelon juice :D

Lime juice with soda water!
(In Vietnam we call this a soda chanh, and it's one of my favorites!)

Nasi Goreng... an Indonesian dish that consists of fried rice with vegetables (sometimes seafood as well) and an egg on top.

Oh my, this is my favorite find in Bali! I wish we had these in Vietnam... but that'd be really dangerous for me. These are Dadar Gulung, which are Balinese pandan leaf pancakes (which makes it the green color) with shredded coconut inside, and sometimes sweetened with palm sugar!



  1. Wow! This food looks delicious! Especially the fried rice with egg on top and the green pancakes with coconut! Yum!

  2. Ahhhhh yes. Just thinking of the Dadar Gulung dessert is making my mouth water!