Tuesday, September 18, 2012

girls' fabric shopping Sunday-funday

Jen, Kat, and I got together Sunday morning for a little fabric shopping escapade. I'm so thankful for both of these girls this year... being great friends to me AND now they both live in my area!

We each ended up being extremely successful with our 'finds' and left with great fabrics.

Next step? --> Tailor!

Below are some photos of our time in the market... the Tan Dinh Market is on Hai Ba Trung directly across the street from the fabric shops. There are fabrics in the market as well... AND a great button, lace, trimmings lady!...

Jen and Kat  :)

There's even artichoke tea at the tea stall across from the buttons!

This photo magically makes it look like there is WAY more room and sunlight in the market than there really is. ...Usually you're attempting to get down an aisle by squeezing past people and items... even a kitten at one point!

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  1. I recognize those fabric stalls! I am wearing one of my blouses today with fabric from that market! Love the HCMC tailors!