Friday, September 21, 2012

Ms. Stacia's Club READ

Last year when I offered a poetry slam club... I had ONE student sign up... sooo it was canceled and I ended up being a part of Student Council.

Student Council was great and a lot of meaningful moments came from its activities and involvements, but it wasn't necessarily a hi-light of my week each week...

This year, I decided to offer up a club that I would definitely look forward to each week...

Club READ!

I was hoping for maybe 2 or 3 students to sign up... and just go with it... (as I figured even the big 'readers' would choose dodgeball, stomp, movie club, etc.).

WELL... I have SIXTEEN students in Club READ -- making it one of the most popular after school clubs at the middle school!

I'm pretty stoked about it AND... not only am I looking forward to the reading time each week... but the students come up to me early in the week and say THEY can't wait for Wednesday's Club READ time!

Pretty awesome so far.

The seventeen of us really do use the weekly time to read. ...But we're also gearing up for fundraising ...and, so far, the other fun and exciting part of Club READ are the new pillows!

The best way to use my extra fabrics from the clothes I've made?? ...Have a neighborhood tailor make pillows with the fabrics!

Not only did the pillows turn out really well... but the kids love them... AND, hilariously enough, it's basically 'Ms. Stacia's wardrobe' in pillows.

Today... my shirt matched a couple of the pillows  :P  Haha

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  1. Great idea, Stacia. Club Read sounds like it really took off! And... I especially love the "Miss Stacia Pillows!" hahaha