Monday, September 24, 2012


Below is a short video of what I found taking place on my little alleyway in the Phu Nhuan District one Saturday morning. ...So many things have become normal to me here in Vietnam... but this was shocking!

A teenage guy began talking to me... said he thinks it's terrible what she is doing (getting snake eggs from the snakes, I think??)... and he is afraid of snakes. He then pointed out scorpions inside a green bag on the lady's bike (picture below)... and said... "But I've eaten scorpion before!" Oh my.

There had been a couple people watching when I drove back to my place and saw a glimpse. I came back out to see what was going on... found Snake Lady... and then quite a crowd developed!

More (live) snakes on the back of her bike...

Scorpions in a bag.

Then, (naturally) there was a dog with sunglasses too...

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