Saturday, July 14, 2012

ahhh ...purple mountains majesty

I arrived in Denver on the morning of June 25th... the ride into the city from the airport was pretty smokey from the fires going on and I couldn't even see the mountains. So terrible... really sad. Denver and surrounding areas finally got some good rain during my last couple of days there... but the fires were really bad.

My first evening in Denver was a surprise birthday party for my good friend, Andy! I was even part of the surprise... as he didn't know I'd be in Denver yet.  :)  By evening, we got a pretty nice view (and sunset) of the mountains on the way to his party...

Andy's boyfriend, Nathan, set up the party in a greenhouse... very cool/creative! (And a nice, cool break from the hot, hot weather outside.) Below is Lexey (my brother's beautiful fiance!) ...myself, Andy-the-Birthday-Boy, and my oldest brother, Lenny.

Nathan is awesome! ...Just the sign below should demonstrate this a bit to you... hilarious...

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