Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Action's OG's

Ohhhh Sweet Action.

Sweet Action is a local ice creamery on Broadway in Denver... it's the BEST. (Truly! ...They were recently voted #7 is US News and World Report's "America's Best Ice Cream"! the article here.)

Since this shop-of-deliciousness is located in Lenny's neighborhood, we have been regular goers of Sweet Action since their start. The owners, Sam and Chia, hand make the ice cream in the back of the shop with many local Colorado ingredients (including Lenny's mint for their 'garden mint' flavor!). Their flavors are always changing and always creative.

Anyway - Lenny, Julie, Andy, and I stopped by one night (...and a couple other times during my visit!). There was a line OUT the door and down the street...

Lenny and I both chose Colorado Peach that night...

I was excited to see Chia working behind the counter... it's been a year! Even through the crazy-busy-ness, he seemed happy to see us and even commented to the cashier that we are Sweet Action's OG's! YEEAHHHH!

(...Well, I wasn't sure what "OG" meant you know?? haha. Lenny kindly explained it to me... "Original Gangster" - haha... YES!)

Sweet Action is a local business that was started in the right place and right time... and done right. I think Sam and Chia meant it to be a small, quaint, and lovely neighborhood ice creamery. They haven't even advertised the epic award from US News and World Report... but their always-present crowd of costumers is definitely a testament to the quality of this shop.  :)

OH! ...and my favorite story connected to Sweet Action is that of my good friend, Mr. Andy Lynes. Andy also lives in the neighborhood and is a frequent, loyal Sweet Action costumer. ...Lenny and Lexey ran into Andy one night... they were on their way to Sweet Action and Andy was heading home licking ice cream from a cone. ...Andy said he'd take the walk back with them... but, of course, having finished that cone by the time they got there, he ordered another! Haha... that's the power (and deliciousness!) of Sweet Action's awesome flavors... (sometimes they even have Saigon Cinnamon!!)

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