Friday, July 13, 2012

one-year funnies... and it's only 10am

Happy one-year anniversary to me and Saigon!  :D

I'm feelin' good about this relationship in my life... this relationship that is my life right now.

It's not even 10:00am right now and I've had a great morning already. I slept until 4:00am today, which is pretty good... and, because I was up so early, I caught an amazing sunrise form my balcony! (Who knew I was missing this the past year?!)...

Heading into the city this morning... I'm driving Giang's Yamaha Nuovo... he's the manager at the Yamaha shop where I bought my bike. My Cuxi wouldn't start again yesterday (after just having been fixed the day before!)... so Giang insisted I take his bike for a day or two while he drives mine around to try and figure out what's wrong with it. (Only in Vietnam! ...can you imagine an auto shop guy in the U.S. telling you to just use his car while he works on yours?? haha)

On my way into District 1, I almost ran into a legless man carrying a young disabled boy in a wheelchair! ...They were just sitting in the middle of the road just before the roundabout near Notre Dame Cathedral (dangerous!). I pulled over to get video of traffic weaving around them... BUT then realized the man was actually (sloooowly) pushing the wheelchair out into the traffic in the roundabout trying to get across. I turned the bike off... left it at the back of the cathedral... 'froggered' my way through the roundabout traffic... and starting pushing the two through the madness and to the other side. Oh man... an experience... but I felt pretty good after that deed. (Below is the short clip I took before I realized I was being an idiot... and went to help out...)

From there, I went to a money exchange to get some Indonesian rupiah for my upcoming trip to Bali :) :) the workers in this shop are hilarious but I felt awkward taking a photo... the boys wear blue 'Lacoste' polos, while the girls wear pink ones -- seriously! ...And as I left the store, I waved across the street to my tailor's shop... where all 3 employees were at the doorway waving to me... probably loving the fact that I'm wearing a dress that they made... AND wondering where the heck my cute Yamaha Cuxi scooter is!  :P

Now I'm in Jaspas... which is my regular weekend brunch cafe with Sarah. I miss that girl!!! I feel like I'm waiting here for her to arrive.  :(  She should be back in Saigon from a summer adventure of horseback riding in Mongolia one day before I leave for Bali! I'm so glad I'll get to see her again before she moves to Nepal (...this girl is so amazing!).

Jaspas is pretty delicious... has comfy booths... and an all-around great atmosphere. Here's my yummy breakfast today... the "Trim and Tasty"...

Mmmmm hmmmmm  :)

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