Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pho Duy! - Denver

Lenny, Lexey, and I did make it for a pho breakfast at Pho Duy on Federal Blvd. in Denver...

It was weird being in a room filled with Vietnamese being spoken all around me!

I attempted to order both my vegetarian pho and ca phe sua da in Vietnamese... but the guy didn't really understand me   :P   D'OH!

It WAS great. ...Different from the pho I can get in Vietnam ...mostly because when Lexey and I ordered vegetarian pho, it was actually made with vegetable stock instead of chicken or beef... AND filled with yummy veggies!

We even had ca phe sua das.  :)  Mmmmm.

As we were walking out of Pho Duy, Lenny was behind both Lexey and I, and heard a young boy (about 2 or 3 years old) point at me and say, "THAT'S A MOVIE!" Hahahahaha. Awesome! (...Assuming that comment was in reference to the animated movie currently in theaters, Brave. ...Which we had just seen the afternoon before!!)

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