Sunday, July 15, 2012

"New Saigon" - in Denver!

After returning from our stint into the mountains, Lenny took me by the New Saigon Market on Federal Boulevard in Denver.

Whoa. ...The supermarket even smelled like Saigon!

We picked up some fresh ginger, sesame balls, and ban bao (a doughy treat that's filled with meat, veggies, and a quail's egg... I posted about it after first moving into my apartment if you want to see pictures... click here to see that post. Funny enough, I titled it: Outside the Comfort Zone, hahaha... still is, really... the meat and quail egg, ugh. ...I much prefer the tasty dessert treat of a sesame ball filled with red bean paste!

AND I used my (minimal) Vietnamese skills with the girl at the cash register. She jumped with surprise at hearing me speak in Vietnamese! Haha. Awesome. I'm pretty sure we made this girl's week!

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