Friday, July 13, 2012

family get-together @Penfield, NY

My parents put together an AWESOME family party while I was home! It was so nice to be able to see everyone all at once since I was in town only for a few days.

(Silly... when I booked the tickets back in December, I figured I was flying out of HCMC on Tuesday... not realizing I didn't get in to NY until late Wednesday night... and flying out super early Monday AM... so not as much time as I would have liked - but it turned out to be great for the time I did spend in my hometown!)

I love what my parents have done with the backyard. ...The pool is still there and was put to good use by my younger cousins... and the patio, which is just a couple years old, is perfect for having people over... (even the weather cooperated!)...

Dominic and Gianna having fun with one of my childhood favorites - Marble Magic!

SOOOO good to see my Poppy!!!!  <3

Another Maiorani-Party Classic... KNOCK HOCKEY! 

And the newest addition to our family... Coleton :) ...being held by his grandmother - my Aunt Gail!

The party was really great. I enjoyed it... and couldn't believe when my dad told me it was almost 10:30pm and I was still awake! A bunch of my parents' friends came over for drinks and dessert later in the evening to help celebrate my dad's birthday (coming up next week!) since my mom will be in Japan on his special day.

(I don't think I've mentioned that my mom is in JAPAN for a month!!! It's a Fulbright study tour for teachers... this is her 2nd time on a Fulbright program to Japan... she loves the country and culture and I'm loving following her blog!) ...Check it out:

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