Friday, July 20, 2012

cu san - yam bean

When I first got back to HCMC, I stocked up on veggies... wanted an onion but wasn't finding one in the street market anywhere! Hmmmm... didn't think it was that difficult to get an onion in Vietnam (it's not.).

I ended up finding this...

Bought it for 2,000d (about 10 cents)... thinking, wellllll, maybe this is just an onion with dirt caked on it. Uhhhh no. HA! I looked it up once I got home (from what the lady wrote on the receipt, cu san)... and 'cu san' means 'yam bean'.

I haven't found a use for this yet.

BUT... I did find onions! (All over now haha... at least I know where to go.)

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