Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Annual Backyard Party @Lenny's

Lenny and Lexey put together a wonderful get-together at the house on my 2nd-to-last evening in Denver. It was the perfect way to get our friends together... awesome people in one backyard is pretty... awesome.  :D

I enjoyed the invites that were sent out... calling it my 'annual' backyard party... 2nd annual so far... and I suppose only time will tell how many more there will be!

Can I just mention one more time how GOOD it felt to see all of these awesome people?!?!  (Well,  just did.)

Rob with his beautiful blues!

Hahaha... Krista checking out Lenny's greenhouse while biting into one of his handmade green chili cheeseburgers.  :)

With Sam...  :D

Great to see Becky and Caroline!!!

So good to see Mr. Marc Hughes.

<3 Krista!

Once the party started to wind down, a few of us walked to Sweet Action for dessert :D

Wendy is my Candy Buddy!! seen below showing the proper enthusiasm for my about-to-be-eaten lemon cookie with lavender ice cream!!! Yessssss.

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