Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the morning of breakfast adventures

Lenny, Lexey, and I got up early one morning to get pho for breakfast (Yes, that's right... I missed Vietnamese pho during my 3 weeks in the States).  :)

They both really like Pho Duy on Federal Boulevard... but it wasn't open when we got there (around 7:45am)... D'OH!

No other pho places looked open at this time either... so off we went, back to their neighborhood...

We tried Senor Burritos... but no luck there either (not open!)...

Hmmm... figuring the next plan of attack...

There was a large BREAKFAST sign on El Diablo kitty corner from Senor Burritos on Broadway... so that's where we ended up! (Definitely prefer El Diablo for dinner... but it was still a fun breakfast out...)

We DID make it to a pho breakfast at Pho Duy one morning my last weekend in town... (post to come!)

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  1. All of your travels having me SEETHING with jealousy! And I can't believe I missed you in Denver!