Saturday, July 14, 2012

friends... and babies!

My first Thursday in Denver was a busy one with seeing lots of awesome friends.

Koura and I went for a run in the morning... and then walked over to Wash Park to meet up with Hattie and her BABY, Emerson! Hattie is a 5th grade teacher at the school I worked at in Denver before moving to Vietnam. I was so excited to meet Emerson... a very happy baby! ...and stylin' too :)

After the walk, I drove Lenny's scooter downtown to meet Krista for lunch near her work office.  :)
It was great to see Krista!!! She's been a huge support and great friend to me this past year with daily emails (seriously... pretty much daily!)  :) :)

THEN... it was back downtown to Marco's Coal Fired Pizzeria for dinner with some Leroy Drive teachers (again... the school I worked at in Denver). And again... I was able to meet a new baby... this one being just a few weeks old! I'm so happy for Rhonda and Todd to have the precious girl seen below... I went to their wedding just a few weeks before moving to Vietnam last summer... and now was able to meet their newest family addition...

It was really, really great to see this group!
Gina, Kim, Rhonda, Todd, myself :)

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