Thursday, July 19, 2012

tambiet Denver... hen gap lai!

(or)... goodbye Denver... see you again!

Ahhhh it was such a mix of emotions to leave Denver and begin the journey back to Vietnam for another year. Definitely not as emotionally difficult (or scary!) as a year ago... this time, at least, I know where I'm headed and what it looks like. Oh - and I have an apartment to go back to... know my way around the city... even own a cute little scooter to cruise around on... and so much more.

I wish my time in the States had been longer. BUT... I'm also excited to be heading back to SE Asia with a few weeks left in my summer break -- so I can travel to BALI for a week and then my MOM gets in to Vietnam after her month-long adventure in Japan!!!! It's been an amazing summer, that's for sure.

But for now... goodbye Denver. I will miss you ( much so that sometimes it hurts).

Denver, CO --> San Francisco, CA --> Narita, Japan --> Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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