Thursday, July 12, 2012

back in Saigon... need to catch up

Well, yesterday was my first full day back in Vietnam.

I arrived around midnight after about 28 hours of traveling... to find that everything, EVERYTHING, in my apartment had been gone through and moved around. I wasn't sure what had happened ...but everything seemed to be there (except my motorbike keys but at least I knew my bike was in the garage)... so I went to sleep.

I called my landlord first thing in the morning and got it all straightened out. Well... straightened out enough I suppose... as least she knew why everything had been taken out of my apartment and then thrown back in. AND she sent the two cleaners in to help find my motorbike keys... which I believe ended up being located in some random purse or bag...

My bike gave me a bit of trouble starting up this morning but then seemed to cruise along fine... until I was about to leave the Backpacker area after exchanging t-shirts for my brothers and finding that I couldn't get it to start.

I called Giang, the guy at the Yamaha shop, and before I even told him what was going on he said, "Oh yeah, I know what it is. This happens with bikes like yours after about a year." Uhhhh, awesome. (Something with the fuel injection??)

Usually car trouble can never come at a good time... but actually! - today it did. I had no pressing plans and I was planning to bring my bike to the Yamaha shop today or tomorrow anyway to get a check-up before the one-year warranty runs out. ...So actually, I feel pretty lucky.

Giang sent two of his guys to pick up my bike... I jumped on a xe om driver's bike... had him take me by a grocery store on the way back to my place... cooked myself some lunch and stayed in while it began to pour.

All-in-all... a nutty welcome-back to Saigon... but a good one in this crazy country.  :)

It gets dark here around 5:30 or 6:00pm each day (year-round)... unlike in the States where it was light out past 9:30am while I was home this summer! ...With the darkness and the rain, I couldn't keep my eyes open past 6:00pm. ...Then, of course, I awoke at midnight's now 5:00am and I've been up since ...have had dinner, some chocolate, and now a much-needed writing session since I have lots to catch up on from my time back in the States! (PS - I leave for Bali in less than a week!!)  :D

Oh - and here's a fun(ny) picture of the taxi guys waiting around the airport... really helping everyone get a taxi! Ha...

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