Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It does NOT feel like Thanksgiving.

Vietnam doesn't really care about 1492 or who sailed the ocean blue.

The weather and my surroundings just don't make things add up to Thanksgiving. This is also the first Thanksgiving I've ever had school days! ...No break here... and no Black Friday shopping either.

I'm super jealous that my brother is flying back to Upstate New York right now to spend the holiday with our parents. Seeing everyone's Facebook updates about Thanksgiving also makes me feel kind of sad and like I'm missing out...

BUT I'm also really happy that a teacher from the middle school set up a Thanksgiving dinner for all of the American teachers (and more!). Last night we all got together to have an American Thanksgiving-style spread at Black Cat.

Included in the set price were two cups of Sangria.  :)

Sarah and Shelly may have turned out a bit blurry... but I swear I didn't drink that much sangria!

We had a good-sized group!  :)  
So nice to spend the holiday with a big group of great people.

AND, thanks to Barb Stuart, I felt the love when a school guard walked into the library carrying a box with my name on it! I love mail!! Thanks so much Barb :)

Mmmm books and chocolate! Perrrfect.

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