Thursday, November 24, 2011

One thing I love about Vietnam is that you can order lunch... or even just a latte... and have it delivered free of charge!

Gotta love !

Today I ordered a passion fruit juice mango orange carrot juice and honey non-dairy smoothie.  :)  It's delicious AND fresh.

Vietnammm is thankfully where I learned I CAN get a bagel in Vietnam! ...It's no Einstein Bros or Bruegger's... but it's a bagel and it'll do.  :)  A group of us at school have even started a Bagel Friday tradition.

And sometimes you're not sure what to expect...

Before Vietnam, I had never had quesadillas with radishes on top...

Or a lassie come in an Aquafina bottle along with Indian food...

(I refused to give up on the idea of a banana lassie... even though it seemed a bit gross to come in a used Aquafina bottle... so I poured it into my mug and enjoyed it to the last drop!)

I've also learned to take advantage of this website and delivery service on rainy nights!

Hmmm... I'll be in for a shock when I leave Vietnam... having to re-learn how to cook, clean, and do my own laundry! Oh... and that it's not financially possible to get tailor-made clothes or weekly massages and mani/pedis.  :P

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