Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My's Spa

Patrice ended up coming into My's Spa while I was there yesterday!

We ended up having a mini photo shoot:

My ("Me"), in the pink ao dai, is the owner of the spa. 
She's basically the sweetest thing on this planet... other than my mom.  :) 

Click here to see My's Spa on TripAdvisor! She's so excited about the great reviews (...about the couple negative ones... Patrice and I both told her that crazy people post along with the nice ones... and not to worry about it - her place is wonderful!). Check back to her page in a few days and hopefully my comment will be approved and posted! (Patrice has one on there already... awesome.)  :)


  1. Hi Stacia,

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  2. Hi Dharm,
    Thanks for making your way to my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed perusing it! Feel free to send me an email: staciamaiorani@gmail.com and we can be in touch. Your blog sounds great too!