Saturday, November 26, 2011

War and more

Great morning today... I went for a run in the park, a quick workout in the gym, and then Sarah met me out at the pool :)

We spent part of the afternoon at the War Remnants Museum. Sarah had visited the museum a few weeks before with her brother during Fall Break but still wanted to go through the 2nd floor.

Honestly, this museum was a bit much for me. I found the tanks and planes outside very interesting but the photographs and plaques to read on the 2nd floor were incredibly sad and horrific. It all made the war more real than it has ever been for me. Knowing people who were in the war... and now living in the south of Vietnam...

...Well, I ended up sitting in a chair and reading my book. Perhaps I'll make my way back to this museum at some point during the next year and a half... but for now, I will continue reading books and easing myself in.

Posters used during the war. 

A Japanese poster about the US involvement. 

Another interesting point that I kept thinking of today is from a book that I just finished (and really enjoyed! Descending the Dragon)... one of the Vietnamese locals told the author that the Vietnam War (or "American War") was just one war of many for Vietnam... now, the country has banked on this war for a tourism standpoint but really, the people do not hold anything against Americans and natives are over the war, like the other wars. The Vietnamese live in today... (At least that is what this one person said in the book...)

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