Monday, April 1, 2013

1st Starbucks in Vietnam

Big news in Vietnam recently!... Starbucks opened its first location in Vietnam... right here in Ho Chi Minh City. The grand opening was on February 1st, but I didn't go until early March... and still, the crowd/line was huge!

This is where I started standing in line... the line curved around towards the wall with all of the mugs you can see on the right side of the picture below... and up to the counter.

I almost made it to the counter to order a delicious chai latte... when I began not feeling well (see previous post) and had to leave.

I made it back to conquer a trip to Starbucks and enjoy a delicious chai latte one week after this first attempt. I felt better after being sick and the chai was the perfect treat to myself.

This two-story Starbucks is HUGE. I've heard that they plan on opening more. Funny that Starbucks is so popular here... even though Vietnam is such a coffee country and has amazing coffee of it's own.

A teacher from the middle school and I have been having early morning Fridates at Starbucks before school... a lovely treat to end the week!

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  1. Oh, Stacia, so sorry to hear about your sickness. It sounds pretty scary and I'm so glad you had good friends there to be with you. I'm glad you finally feel good enough to enjoy that Starbucks! It's so surprising to me that Starbucks is a big hit in Vietnam.
    Loving reading about your adventures! Kim