Thursday, April 25, 2013

VN FOOD on the trip with Lenny

Hoi An's traditional dish of Cau Lau @ Cafe 43...

Hoi An's traditional dish of Cau Lau @ Streets (vegetarian style)...

Hoi An's traditional White Rose Dumplings -- banh bao vac

Mmmm vegetarian Vietnamese curry @ Cafe 43

Banh beo (rice cake with chopped dried shrimp) on the left and
Cha lua (firm pork or shrimp sausage... like baloney) on the right
I was not happy with either of these...Lenny was a trooper with this lunch! 
We then went to another restaurant for a 'Stacia Lunch'  : P

Lenny and I found a cute cafe near our hotel (The Friendly Hotel... or Than Thien Hotel),
and we went each morning for yaourt and coffees.

We realized after some time that yaourt is French for yogurt. Ha. (Neither of us speak French.) We thought at first it was a misspelling that was all over Hue... so we fully enjoyed spouting out an excited 'Yaourt!' every now and then.

Anyway, the cafe made lovely yaourt drinks that they offered many flavors for. I enjoyed strawberry... Lenny loved the mint (like toothpaste) and ginger ones.

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