Tuesday, April 9, 2013

driving over Hai Van Pass, Vietnam - 2

Let the gorgeous views begin!

Driving the Hai Van Pass was great. There were some trucks and things... but most would take the tunnel... and easier ride and it saves an hour. By going over the pass, we got some really great views of the coast.

This point seemed to be the summit... from here, we mostly went downhill to Lang Co.

Gorgeous day! Gorgeous ride!

THAT is the train track... which my mom and I took from Hue to DaNang this past July.
Lenny and I did the same thing (3 days from when I took this photo)... having dropped our motorbikes off in Hue and then taking the train back to DaNang for a night before our flight back to HCMC. The train ride includes some really pretty coastal views too.

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