Monday, April 1, 2013

our terrible driver from Mui Ne -> HCMC

We hired a private van to and from Mui Ne. Nick and Jen have booked through this company before and have apparently had some good drivers and some not-so-good drivers.

Our driver TO Mui Ne was great... seemed safe, in control, and went at a fine speed.

The driver FROM Mui Ne was TERRIBLE. He was crazy. Drove fast, passed into oncoming traffic, passed around turns, etc. etc.

After not listening to us whatsoever about slowing down and not passing so much... he finally got pulled over.

...Didn't help much though. I was happy to make it back safely and I will never book with this company again. (I advise to NOT book through the 'Local Agency of Thao' with Ms. Thao or Mr. Viet... they are apparently willing to employ drivers that are not safe.)

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