Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dragon Bridge in DaNang, Vietnam

Lenny and I tried going over a bridge in DaNang that was in our directions to get to the Hai Van Pass on our way to Lang Co... but the bridge was closed. (It looked awesome - like a dragon!)

When we got back to DaNang a few days later (after one night in Lang Co and two nights in Hue)... the dragon bridge was open... just having opened the day before!

DaNang's new Dragon Bridge:

A popular place to hangout:

There's an interesting Wikipedia article on DaNang's new Dragon Bridge.

Some interesting information about the bridge: The bridge crosses the Han Rive. Construction began in the summer of 2009 and was scheduled to open on March 29, 2013, which was the 38th anniversary of DaNang city's liberation. They must have been right on time - well played DaNang!

The bridge even lights up at night! (See past post here with photos of the dragon bridge at night...)

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