Sunday, April 14, 2013

motorbike rental and drop-off, Hoi An to Hue

Lenny and I built our travel week around renting motorbikes for a road-trip, making our way from Hoi An to Hue... stopping in DaNang and Lang Co on the way. It worked out... and is one of my favorite trips I've been on in the past couple years!

We rented bikes (helmets included) from Mr. Dung in Hoi An... you can find him at 613 Hai Ba Trung... he was great and all was easy. For 4 days with the bikes... taking them in Hoi An and dropping them off in Hue, it was $45 each.... perrrrrfect.  : )

Ready to begin!
Leaving the Phuoc An Hotel in Hoi An...
 for the short trip to Non Nuoc Beach near DaNang...
The photo above is Lenny's from his blog post here... Len on Life: Hoi An to Non Nuoc

Both bikes worked well... Lenny's did begin to stall here and there once we got to Hue and the left-hand brake handle wasn't the best on mine - but overall, they were great.

We made it to Hue and went to the address that Mr. Dung gave us for his house there to drop the bikes off... 37 Ben Nghe Street.

WELL, haha, half the block was #37 on Ben Nghe Street! ...And none of them seemed to be a house, nor a place to drop motorbikes off for rentals. Hmmmmm...

3 different locations with #37...

Another shop that's #37...

I texted Mr. Dung in Hoi An...
And ended up walking around the corner just to check addresses...
Mr. Dung ended up calling me AND a random guy walked up to me asking if I was returning motorbikes. Hilarious. Oh, Vietnam. I wasn't even with the motorbike and the guy knew that he was waiting for, well, probably me. He knew how much Lenny and I still needed to pay him... so we parked the bikes (shown below), paid, gave him the keys, and then walked to dinner. Done and done!

Below is where we dropped the bikes off... around the corner from the actual street address we were given... but somehow it all worked out in the end and was super easy in a hilarious sort of way.


  1. Hi Stacia,
    Could you please send me Mr. Dung's phone numbers since we will be taking the same route as yours? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sure! He's a really nice guy, I rented from him twice actually... 613 Hai Ba Trung Street in Hoi An. And phone: 0905 514 606. Have a great trip!!

  2. Hi,

    Do you need to leave your passport with them?

    1. No. If anything, just leave a photocopy of your passport if requested. We didn't though...

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