Friday, April 5, 2013

tailors ...and tailors w/Lenny!

Lenny and I have visited a number of tailors during his two weeks in Vietnam. The last time Lenny was here he had a suit made and it turned out really well. This time around, his fiance - Lexey - also sent some items with him to have copies made in various colors/fabrics. It's been fun!

We went by the fabric shops on Hai Ba Trung across from the Tan Dinh Market... and then were off to see Dung in the backpacker area on De Tham Street in District 1. The shop is called Nam Silk and I definitely recommend it.

Lenny's getting measured for a button-down shirt...

Then we went to a few more tailors while in Hoi An!
This tailor's shop below had a nice shirt on display outside... and it worked! Lenny ordered two shirts from them that turned out well... and he was complimented by a lady at our hotel in Hue later in the week. She told Lenny that his shirt was very Fashion!

I had these amazing pieces of 'Fashion' made by a shoe tailor in Hoi An too!

Unexpectedly, Lenny had some flip flops made. The flip flops he wore on the trip broke... and we couldn't have been in a better spot for that to happen, because there just happens to be TONS of shoe tailors in the town.

...BUT before ordering the tailor-made flip flops, Lenny spent 10,000dong (about 50 cents) on these 'spa flops'. Hahaha. Awesome. He actually wore these for most of the rest of the trip!

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